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My Story

* I’ve worked in big London agencies and in-house for some major brands, in the private and the public sector across many different business areas.

* I love meeting new people and businesses (online and in the real world!) and connecting them with exciting new opportunities and partnerships.

* I get a real buzz from helping people get their voice and story into the media - there's nothing like seeing them featured in a dream magazine or hearing them on the radio.

* I love discovering new magazines; ones that showcase a different perspective, are visually appealing or open people’s eyes to a new narrative.

* I admire the drive and courage it takes to start your own business, and as a business owner myself I know how challenging it can be sometimes!

* I’m in the process of writing a book  about turning 50 and really want to help share more stories in the media of women and men starting businesses in their 40s, 50s and beyond.

Emma Foster, Director, FCOMMS